Siddharth Sharma originally completed a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biomedical

Engineering with emphasis in biomechanics from Arizona State University. He then went on to complete his Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. During this time he also was a research assistant for 5 years at Arizona State University’s Human Motor Control Laboratory where he performed research on human movement with emphasis on how the central nervous system controls and regulates movement, multi-joint coordination mechanisms, fine movement control, and force control and has been a co-author in peer-reviewed publications in journals including the Journal of Neuroscience.

Through his research and academic background Siddharth has sought to develop cutting-edge test methods as well as statistics and analytics to evaluate athletes along with training regimens aimed at correcting biomechanical flaws for enhanced motor control and force production related to maximal performance and injury minimization. He has worked with thousands of professional to amateur athletes ranging from the NBA to McDonald’s All-Americans, all who have seen immediate improvements in movement efficiency as well as overall performance and gone on to having career seasons. In addition, Siddharth has been featured in major national sporting publications such as Dime Magazine where he was recognized as one of 4 major pioneers in the basketball training field.

State-of-the-Art Scientific Performance Facility – A Place for Serious Athletes

Equipped with some of the most advanced equipment as well as technology, Explosive Athletes Institute’s unparalleled facility is able to help athletes unlock their true potentials. Unlike any facility, Explosive Athletes Institute has engineered and integrated its own force plates into the training area and the basketball court for real-time data collection and monitoring.

Force Plate Technology

While there has recently been a shift in popularity in force plate technology within training facilities across the globe, the challenges on how to apply this powerful technology to basketball players remain large.

The major questions that remain include:
- Which tests provide information useful for risk of injury as well as increased performance?
– How to analyze the data to produce relevant metrics for program design?
- What information can be used to best design a program and measure progress?

EAI has the most advanced, state-of-the-art force plates available to measure parameters that have only been available at the finest university biomechanics laboratories until now. InForcePlatesPic4-1 addition, EAI has developed advanced sports metrics that are unmatched in the industry.

Using our cutting-edge proprietary metrics and customized software, EAI is able to pinpoint a basketball player’s weaknesses and design the most advanced strength-and-conditioning program to optimize performance in the shortest time possible in many key areas to the success of a basketball player including:
- Injury Prevention, balance, and flexbility
- Vertical Leap, Speed, Agility & Quickness and overall Power
- Sport-Specific Movement Efficienc

Elite 1 Academy 05-13-16


Elite 1 Academy for Academics & Athletics is in its fourth year of the Elite 1 Prep and High School Basketball program located in Litchfield Park, AZ a suburb of Phoenix. Elite 1 Academy provides national top level competition combined with a college preparatory educational curriculum that prepares post grad and high school student athletes for competition at the college level.

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