Admission Process

We are now accepting applications for Boys High School and Post Grad and Girls High School and Post Grad for the 2017-18 Season.

Please complete this registration link and a staff member will contact you regarding qualifications within the application process.

Limited scholarships are available and are also awarded on first come first serve basis as well as financial need.

In making our decisions for admissions, the most important factors considered are:

  • Your grades
  • Your recommendations
  • Coach's evaluation
  • Your Interview with Program President and COO
  • Your level of basketball skills
  • A highlight clip is always preferred.


TO: Elite 1 Academy for Academics & Athletics
9635 W Peoria Avenue, Suite 117
Peoria, AZ 85345

The undersigned hereby applies for admission to Elite 1 Academy for Academics & Athletics (“Elite 1”), for the 2016 – 2017 school year.

I understand that the school year commences , 2016 and ends on or about , 2017.

I hereby agree to pay base tuition for the program, room and board as follows:
Gross Amount Payable $23,000
Scholarship (if any) $
Net Amount Due $

Such net amount will be paid within days of written acceptance of this application by Elite 1. If Elite 1 is willing to accept deferred payments, I will enter into a written deferred fee agreement with Elite 1, within days of written acceptance of this application. If I elect to pay by credit card, I understand that an additional 5% fee to Elite 1 will be added to my payment.

I understand that Elite 1 will provide:
  • ACT prep classes
  • Performance training program
  • Player skills development training
  • Recruiting representation
  • Land transportation to and from games and all other activities
  • Student housing
  • Three (3) meals per day (one of which will be a staff-prepared meal)
  • Therapeutic support and facilitation
  • Academic support and coordination
  • NCAA clearinghouse support

I will enroll in a public or charter school of my choice within reasonable proximity to where I am housed by Elite 1. I understand that I am responsible for meeting the attendance and other rules of that school, and that my academic success will be based upon my own efforts, although Elite 1 will provide support.

I further understand that I am responsible for my own medical care. I will provide evidence of my medical insurance within 10 days of written acceptance of this application by Elite1.

I further understand that I am responsible for the following expenses, which are not covered by the fees described above:
  • Airfare to and from Metropolitan Phoenix and to away games
  • Meals on all away games
  • Payment to tutors
  • Additional training outside the set program schedule
  • Destruction of any property
  • The costs of ESL classes, for applicants whose primary language is not English
  • Fees incurred by Elite 1 in assisting in the accomplishment of VISA status

I further understand that Elite 1 does not guaranty that I will obtain any VISA or other immigration status.

The undersigned further acknowledges that Elite 1 expends considerable resources in contemplation of the attendance of any student who has enrolled. Therefore, all fees described herein are non-refundable and are earned by Elite 1 upon receipt, whether or not the Applicant completes the academic year within the Elite 1 program. Any agreement of Elite 1 to accept deferred payments, does not alter the responsibility of the undersigned for payment until paid in full.

This Application must be signed by the Applicant himself, and by his parent or legal guardian. By signing, the parent or legal guardian acknowledges his or her personal obligation to pay the tuition described above. Proof of guardianship must be provided with this Application.

Parent/Legal Guardian
Address of Parent/Guardian
Signature of Notary
My Commission expires:
My Commission number:

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Elite 1 Academy for Academics & Athletics is in its fourth year of the Elite 1 Prep and High School Basketball program located in Litchfield Park, AZ a suburb of Phoenix. Elite 1 Academy provides national top level competition combined with a college preparatory educational curriculum that prepares post grad and high school student athletes for competition at the college level.

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