Girl Academy

Now accepting high school and post grad girls for the upcoming. 2016/17 academic year

The Elite 1 Academy girls College preparatory program presents a new way to create an environment where a student's athletic ability [basketball] and education facilitates a successful college preparedness. Upon successful completion of our academy, students will be well-rounded and mentored in all areas including but not limited to; religious beliefs; arts; music; activities/clubs tied into school i.e. language clubs, student council, national honor society; etc.

Elite 1 has designed a program to facilitate a healthy and positive environment for the student and their families that works alongside the school and the athletic program. With close involvement; the academy will be able to monitor and guide the student and family starting no later than the eighth grade and place them on an academic track that will include an honors and/or college classes track, by their junior year of high school, while maintaining a focus on their [basketball] skills and training to be used in a baccalaureate setting. Providing additional resources for the academic track included but are not limited to:  

  • • Tutoring  
    • Mentoring  
    • Meetings with guidance counselors  
    • ACT Prep courses and testing

The academy will hold a [semi-annual] colloquium so that the academia can closely monitor and make necessary adjustments to each student's progress and ability to learn on a [quarterly basis] for each academic year.

Elite 1 Academy for Academics and Athletics puts emphasis on academics. Colleges and Universities want kids who are capable of earning a college degree. Because the percentage of professional athletes are so low, it is important to focus on education as the primary goal. A strong academic background can still facilitate an athletic minded profession using their unique talents.

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Elite 1 Academy for Academics & Athletics is in its fourth year of the Elite 1 Prep and High School Basketball program located in Litchfield Park, AZ a suburb of Phoenix. Elite 1 Academy provides national top level competition combined with a college preparatory educational curriculum that prepares post grad and high school student athletes for competition at the college level.

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